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Group of Nucleic Acids

The Nucleic Acids Group (NAG) focus on the advances in Nucleic Acid research in different field of interest, spanning from agriculture to human, from viruses to insects, from structures to functions! The main concept relies on the dissemination, sharing and discussion of the recent literature about the most impactful discoveries in eucaryotic organisms. Moreover, thanks to the cross-cutting of the Nucleic Acid research, this group would like to transfer (and exploit, when possible) the novel knowledge acquired in plants (which are commonly subjected to few ethical issues) to explore hitherto-unknow mechanisms in more complex systems, such as mammals. The significant interest in RNA biology, as well as on its role in physiological and genetic pathways in eukaryotes, will promote several events, including symposia, practical course, lectures, and other, providing great opportunities for young researchers. The NAG aims to share knowledge with the world's scientific and professional community in the different are as of work giving support and breakthrough to improve the quality of life fostering the “one health” approach.


Prof.ssa Erika Cione


Department of Pharmacy, Health, and Nutritional Sciences, University of Calabria


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