Education Group (GD) declaration

The mission of the GD is to promote the teaching and learning of Biochemistry at a high level, both within the three cycles of the national university system and at an international level. To achieve this important goal, the GD wants to:
1 - encourage the dissemination of innovative teaching methods of Biochemistry ( e.g. active learning, flipped classrooms, blended learning, etc.)
2 - develop new methods and tools with which to strengthen students' skills and increase effectiveness of teaching
3 - facilitate the use of bioinformatics methods to catalyze the learning of Biochemistry
4 - deepen methods and evaluation strategies of university learning for a formative use of assessments and exams (even in large classes)
5 - encourage the sharing of skills and teaching materials in digital format (Open Educational Resources-OER in English) for / among SIB Members and promote their dissemination to the public external
6 - prepare guidelines for teaching biochemistry within the multiple Degree Classes in consideration of the difficulty of adapting the vastness of the subject to the study plans and the limited number of credits specific to the various courses
7 - deepen methods for distance learning
8 - organize a session on teaching at the SIB Congresses


Prof. Francesco Malatesta


Department of Biochemical Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome


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