Declaration Sicilia

The Sicily Section of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB) was created with the aim of promoting cooperation and scientific dissemination at a regional, national and international level. The Section Board aspires, in collaboration with the SIB Board, to disseminate and support research topics among experts in the field highlighting the fundamental role of sharing knowledge on a social and cultural level. Finally, the Sicily Section will organize plenty of preparatory initiatives and meetings for the creation of a favorable substrate for new human "signal transduction pathways", in consideration of the importance of personal relationships also in a professional context. Participation and registration to SIB represents a chance for meeting, sharing and promoting professional growth.


Prof. Vito De Pinto


Department of Biomedical and Biotechnology Sciences, University of Catania


Section Board

Dr. Alessandro Attanzio– University Palermo

Dr.ssa Roberta Fusco – University Messina

Prof. Luca Vanella – University Catania

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