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Alberto Mantovani: “The two aspects of my research life I like most are discussing data, and formulating hypotheses and models.”

Five minutes with Alberto Mantovani, who will be awarded the 2024 Sir Hans Krebs medal from FEBS at the 48th FEBS Congress in Milano this year.


By FEBS Communications


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How to make use of the ELIXIR Training Platform and its resources

ELIXIR, the European Research Infrastructure for life science data, has a Training Platform. It empowers researchers to use ELIXIR’s services and tools, strengthens national training programmes, an…


By ELIXIR Training Coordination Team , Training Platform Coordination, ELIXIR Europe


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The PhD Program “Molecular Medicine” at the Medical University of Graz

The Medical University of Graz is offering 18 PhD positions in the field of molecular medicine, cancer research, immunology, molecular and lipid metabolism, cardiovascular research and biostatistic…


By Medical University of Graz PhD Program , PhD positions, Medical University of Graz


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The Francis Crick Institute PhD studentships

Find out about the Crick’s PhD studentships, in London, United Kingdom. The call for applications is currently open until 12:00 noon (GMT), 19 March 2024.


By Atlanta Tsiaoukkas , Student Programme Coordinator, The Francis Crick Institute


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