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Human genome editing: regulations, risks, and ethical considerations

Scientists have the technology to edit the human genome. But when should they, and who contributes to these decisions?


By Ewan Birney , EMBL Deputy Director General and EMBL-EBI Director, EMBL-EBI


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Online-Talk Series: “Plan your Career & Boost your Vita” by ÖGMBT-YLSA/FEBS junior sections

The next talk of 2023 from the FEBS Junior Section initiative is organized by ÖGMBT-YLSA, the Junior Section of the Austrian Society. Christine Hudetz, a Career Coach at the LBG Career Center, give…


By ÖGMBT-YLSA (Young Life Scientists Austria) , Young Life Scientists Austria, ÖGMBT-YLSA


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A letter to my friends from the University of Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Scientists in African countries often face uphill struggles to do their work and be part of the international research community. A Swiss researcher used his sabattical to meet some of them and hel…


By Hugues Abriel , Professor, University of Bern


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Sulphite detoxification fuelled by hydrogen

Certain marine methanogens can use oxidized forms of sulphur to grow. Understanding their metabolism could open a way for safer biotechnological applications of these microorganisms.


By Marion Jespersen , PhD student, Max-Planck-Institute for marine Microbiology


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