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Dear all-

I am sure many of you pleasantly recall the captivating talk our speaker, Samuel Tobler was giving when the unlucky technical issue arose at our last webinar, and we had to cancel it.


Finally, I am happy to inform you that a new webinar time is scheduled on May 13, Monday; 15:00-16:00 CET:


Join Zoom Meeting: 




Meeting ID: 820 5296 3699 


Passcode: 672385 


In this webinar, Samuel Tobler from ETH Zurich, Switzerland will give us his talk titled ‘The Power of Storytelling for Understanding Biology: Insights from Narrative Instruction in University Classrooms’ 


As well known, by building education through storytelling in science, details can be built up gradually, and students will find it easier to understand the information. A simple story provides them with the context needed to understand more complex information.


Join us for this new avenue in teaching and learning!


And please promote the event in your departments, faculty, institute and society!


Best wishes, Ferhan